The trip

This is a sketched record of my thoughts, observations and experiences on the long walk from my home in Brighton to Zurich. 410 miles as the crow flies but I intend crossing the channel from Newhaven to Dieppe, then down and along to Rouen to connect with the River Seine, following the GR2 walking route across France to Dijon. To Dole along the Bourgogne canal, then to Pontcarlier and into the Jura to meet up with the Chemin de Creves which should take me almost to Zurich. Not the most direct route but one that keeps me off the main roads. I intend flying home on EasyJet to Gatwick, and then get the train home.

1 comment:

  1. Good day Jonathan!!
    Loving the journey and feel you've found your(guide?)vocation! Very imaginable from your descriptions (and pics)as well as highly educational. Great adventure :-) Look forward to your next instalments.
    Take care of yourself xxx