Friday, 7 June 2013


Getting out of towns is difficult, like with supermarkets, they bounce you back in again for some more. Frustrating. New developments, golf courses and ring roads are the main culprits. They have a tendency to block off the footpaths and ancient bridle ways. Makes me wonder where Iain Sinclair was heading when he did his Grande Tour of the M25. 

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  1. A great sense of the edgelands rising off of this photograph.

    I wonder if your walk will take you near Nevers and a chance to see the church that Paul Virilio designed?

    A different take on the idea of edges in that structure. With the church architecture’s visual resonance to Virilio’s “Bunker Archaeology” in which he investigates coastal defences, it is as if the sea has come to the middle (relating to what you say in your “Pathway” post from June 14)