Saturday, 1 June 2013


Feeling a bit maudlin this morning. The thought of a street dedicated to bird song lifted my spirits. As does radio4 programme on recordings of birdsong. The advantage of being in France is that it is on an hour later.

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  1. helen...

    this comes a little later than planned....have been in the depths of my writing...your walk... so inspiring you have been breave enought to take this journey...i am sure it will continue to grow within you once you;re back in your homestead...thanks for sharing...i share with you a quote from the Ethnography of Walking by Tim Ingold...from the depths of my MA research

    ‘Walking can be seen as a narrative process that weaves together time and space because at the same time that stories connect the past and the future they also articulate peoples notions of who they are and where they belong’ (Jackson 1998, 177)

    20 July 2013 15:49